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Our Services
      Press Releases            Biographies          
      Fact Sheets                 Web Site Copy
      By-lined Articles           White Papers

Media Relations
      Identify and secure media opportunities
      Media interview preparation
      Media coverage monitoring and reporting

Tradeshows                Conferences

New Media
Social Networking         Web Site Design
      Search Engine Optimization
Welcome to Creativita Consulting. We produce quality work with fresh ideas, a focus on the client’s needs, on time and at a fair price.

Creativita Consulting will work with you to understand your business, your needs and your objectives. We will develop your integrated communications plan, increase your visibility on social media networks, reach your target audiences through a customized media relations strategy or simply draft a press release, with a commitment to helping you achieve your business goals.

Creativita Consulting develops ideas that deliver solutions and generate results.
Why Choose Us?
About Us
Creativita Consulting has more than ten years of project management, communications and media relations experience. We are active on several social
Creativita Consulting delivers written communications materials, new and traditional media relations services, tradeshow and conference support and Web site development, including Search Engine Optimization.

We have learned from the best in the public relations industry, honing skills and experience at global public relations firms and corporations.  
Creativita has also been in this business long enough to have  
media networks. We are curious about the world around us, and eagerly seek new opportunities and avenues to learn and grow. This enables us to bring creativity and innovation to our work.

We have been on both sides of the coin.
Creativita has been the client, working for a corporate communications department and partnering with various public relations firms. We also got our start at an agency, and we understand that world as well.

We offer you the best of both.
experienced the "bad" in the industry, and we want to offer clients something better.